Lateral and Vertical Exchange in Composite Bit Patterned Media

We have characterized the magnetic reversal and thermal stability of bit patterned media with a composite structure of [Co (0.25 nm)/Pd (0.7 nm)]5 / Fe(X) / [Pd (0.7 nm)/Co (0.25 nm)]5 where X = 1, 1.5, and 2 nm. For 25-nm diameter islands separated by 35 nm.

SEM image of composite bit patterned media

The detailed explanation of the magnetic reversal characterization and thermal stability of the dots can be found in this paper:

Role of dipolar interactions on the thermal stability of high-density bit patterned media

This project is financially supported by the Center for Magnetic Recording Research and partially supported by DOE award # DE-SC0003678 .

We would like to thank our collaborators in Toshiba R&D Center for patterning the samples.