Sample Preparation:

AJA ATC Orion Sputtering System

8 UHV magnetron Sputtering sources (RF and DC) with co-sputtering capability

In situ substrate heating up to 850C with holder rotation

RF and DC substrate bias

Automated processing mode for precise, complex multilayer deposition (growth of single monolayers, superlattices)

MFC Gas handling for reactive sputtering (growth of Oxides, Nitrides, etc)

Magnetic Vacuum Annealing Furnace

Ultra High Vacuum annealing environment

Sample heating up to 400C

Axial magnetic field up to 1T during annealing

Accommodates samples up to 3″ diameter.


Chemical Vapor Deposition System

1200C Lindberg Split Hinge Tube Furnace

MFC Gas handling for a variety of process gases

Sample Characterization:

Rigaku X-Ray Diffractometer

Details pending

High Frequency Resistivity Measurement Probe Station

DC and dV/dI AC resistance simultaneous measurement.
Fields +/- 1.25 kG (typically), in-plane and perpendicular orientations.
RF Measurement capabilities 200 kHz – 12GHz with +25dB amplification.
Probe configuration for samples with 130, 150 or 500 micro pitch.

Quantum Design Physical Property Measurement System

Details pending


Quantum Design Versalab

Details pending

Magneto-Optical Kerr Effect Probe

Details pending

Ferromagnetic Resonance Probe

Details pending